Fairy Tale Scrapbook


“Disney Babies 1 & 2” by Gigei

"She [Tinkerbell] thinks we have lost the way," [Peter Pan] replied stiffly, "and she is rather frightened. You don't think I would send her away all by herself when she is frightened!"
For a moment the circle of light was broken, and something gave Peter a loving little pinch.
"Then tell her," Wendy begged, "to put out her light,"
"She can't put it out. That is about the only thing fairies can't do. It just goes out of itself when she falls asleep, same as the stars."
"Then tell her to sleep at once," John almost ordered,
"She can't sleep except when she's sleepy. It's the only other thing fairies can't do."
"Seems to me," growled John, "these are the only two things worth doing."
Here he got a pinch, but not a loving one.